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Where Corporate Meets Creativity | You Made This (#YMT)

Dating back centuries, art has been a medium to promote change in societies, and to this day, it still has the same effect.

YMT fights eWaste via public engagement and art. YMT promotes proper disposal of eWaste, the fastest-growing waste source. Through art collaborations, YMT encourages a circular economy of refurbished electronics. YMT's mission is to shift consumer habits, prevent landfill eWaste, and advocate for a greener future.

Art has the ability to spark conversations, inspire change, and encourage action—it is for this reason that You Made This, an art-based initiative and Non-Profit Organisation, holds such promise in changing the world of eWaste and pushing us towards a more sustainable future.

With the support of Xperien, South Africa’s leading IT Asset Disposal company, You Made This has turned corporate waste into works of art by getting talented creatives on board to change how we view our retired or outdated technology.

The organisation saw first-hand the mass amounts of corporate waste generated daily, totalling around 40 million tons per year, and knew change had to happen.

Xperien has backed this project because sustainability is at the centre of its business model. We encourage all corporate organisations to do the same, as these companies are the most responsible for the vast range of eWaste in the country.

You Made This encourages accountability and provides a solution that can echo throughout the world.


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