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Jean Claude Nsambimana.

 Heads up! Artwork (sculpture)

Heads up! 594x841, white metal print, 1st edition

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Heads up! is an extension series to my MFA project Iyarara – trash, the discarded. Iyarara is an investigation into the environmental impact of waste, particularly e-waste that is dumped in Africa. This project draws attention to the cycle of trade, and human and economic exploitation associated with the extraction of minerals in Africa.

“Heads up” informally means a warning of something, while as an adjective means showing alertness or perceptiveness. In this series, I play with both meanings – warning the viewers about the impact of waste and being aware as well
as creating awareness about waste, specifically e-waste in Africa. Although these headpieces appear fascinating and fashionable, they are made out of waste materials which include e-waste and plastics. These materials are responsible for negatively affecting the environment, water sources, sea life and human health.

By creating photographs combining headpieces and ordinary fashionable attires, I create futuristic images that are beautiful and informative at the same time. I pair the headpiece with attire to create a look that depicts certain situations, scenarios, or environments in real ordinary life.

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