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Our Initiative.

You Made This (or 'YMT') is an art based initiative centred on raising public awareness & engagement around the issues of electronic waste (eWaste).

Through interactive art installations and experiences, #YMT intensifies awareness about eWaste's environmental damage and the imperative of its correct disposal.

You Made This collaborates with artists and endorses a circular economy of refurbished electronics, urging corporations and individuals towards responsible eWaste management.

A central goal of #YMT is to transform consumer behaviour to evade landfill eWaste build-up, advocating for a sustainable and greener future.

Image by Martino Pietropoli

Our 12-Point-Plan.

You Made This (#YMT) we can leverage our art initiatives and services to create E-waste (or eWaste) awareness in South Africa by employing innovative and creative strategies.


Here is our 12-point-plan on how we propose to accomplish this:

  1. Educational Art Installations - Create art installations using e-waste materials to be placed in public spaces. These installations can be educational, highlighting the issues related to e-waste and suggesting ways for responsible disposal and recycling. View our Art

  2. Workshops and Training Programs - Organize workshops where participants learn about the e-waste issue and engage in creating art from e-waste materials. This can empower individuals with knowledge and encourage them to think creatively about reusing and recycling e-waste.

  3. School Partnerships - Collaborate with schools to incorporate e-waste awareness into the curriculum. Engage students in art projects that use e-waste materials, and host exhibitions showcasing their creations. 

  4. Community Art Projects - Involve the local community in collaborative art projects focused on e-waste. For instance, create a mural or sculpture with e-waste items collected by community members. 

  5. Art Competitions - Launch a national or regional art competition with a theme centered on e-waste awareness. Encourage submissions in various art forms, and offer awards that promote recycling or sustainable living.

  6. Social Media Campaigns - Utilize social media platforms to share artwork made from e-waste and post educational content on e-waste issues. Use engaging formats like videos, infographics, and stories to maximize reach.

  7. Documentary and Storytelling - Produce a documentary or a series of videos showcasing the journey of e-waste, its impact on the environment, and how art initiatives are addressing this issue. Include interviews with artists, environmental experts, and community members.

  8. Interactive Exhibitions - Organize exhibitions with interactive elements that allow visitors to understand the scale and impact of e-waste. Include sections where visitors can pledge to reduce, reuse, and recycle their electronic waste. 

  9. Collaboration with Environmental NGOs - Partner with environmental NGOs to organize joint awareness campaigns and events. Utilize each other's expertise and network to maximize the impact of these initiatives.

  10. Corporate Partnerships - Approach companies and organizations to engage their employees in e-waste art projects or to sponsor e-waste art initiatives. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) AND Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) partnerships can provide additional resources and exposure. We also assist with reporting.

  11. E-Waste Collection and Recycling Points - Establish collection points at art exhibitions, workshops, and other events where attendees can bring their e-waste for recycling. Provide information on how the collected e-waste will be used in art projects or responsibly recycled.

  12. Merchandise - Create and sell merchandise made from e-waste or inspired by e-waste art. Use the proceeds to fund e-waste awareness campaigns and projects.

By integrating these initiatives, You Made This plays a pivotal role in raising awareness about e-waste issues in South Africa and inspiring communities and organisations to contribute to more sustainable practices.

Sponsors & Friends


We need the continued support and backing of the industry leaders.

You Made This is an art based initiative centered on raising public awareness & engagement around the issues of electronic waste (eWaste). #YMT #YouMadeThis #eWaste #E-Waste #Art #E-wasteArt


We can't do it alone, so we invited others to join our initiative.

You Made This is an art based initiative centered on raising public awareness & engagement around the issues of electronic waste (eWaste). #YMT #YouMadeThis #eWaste #E-Waste #Art #E-wasteArt
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