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You Made This (#YMT): A Call For Change

You Made This" (#YMT) is a pivotal initiative combatting the escalating issue of electronic waste (eWaste), a prominent global waste contributor. Through interactive art installations and experiences, #YMT intensifies awareness about eWaste's environmental damage and the imperative of its correct disposal. "You Made This" collaborates with artists and endorses a circular economy of refurbished electronics, urging corporations and individuals towards responsible eWaste management. A central goal of #YMT is to transform consumer behaviour to evade landfill eWaste build-up, advocating for a sustainable and greener future.

YMT, a Non-Profit Organisation, has recently hit the ground running by turning electronic and corporate waste into the last thing you’d expect – art.

YMT fights eWaste via public engagement and art. YMT promotes proper disposal of eWaste, the fastest-growing waste source. Through art collaborations, YMT encourages a circular economy of refurbished electronics. YMT's mission is to shift consumer habits, prevent landfill eWaste, and advocate for a greener future.

eWaste is a global problem affecting us and the planet, and it has shown no sign of slowing down. 40 million tons of eWaste is generated annually, and to make matters worse, only 12.5% of this is recycled.

Without proper disposal, eWaste is sent to landfills and eventually burnt, releasing incredibly harmful chemicals and toxins into the air. This results in air pollution, water pollution and ground pollution on a mass scale.

So something needed to be done.

By taking this eWaste and turning it into works of art, not only does YMT™ prevent this waste from ending up in a landfill and contributing to the problem - but through creating disruptive works of art, they raise awareness around eWaste, a problem that is seldom spoken about.

YMT introduced its first art installation in collaboration with Xperien, an IT Asset Disposal Company that also holds sustainability as a core value. This partnership allows budding artists to receive the materials they need to create this art that makes a change.

YMT, standing for You Made This, reflects that this is a problem we are all responsible for, and a concern that we must all strive to fix.

So follow the YMT journey, and do your bit to save the planet, even if this is just to acknowledge the problem.


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