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Micheal Constantinides.

Michael Constantinides (Cost) is a Johannesburg-based entrepreneur, content creator, and digital marketer. During his university studies, he discovered his passion for content creation and entrepreneurship while designing and producing wooden jewellery, which quickly sold out in all Big Blue stores nationwide.


His interest in social media and digital space led him to obtain a master's degree in architecture, focusing on how content creation and social media can bridge the gap between the online and physical worlds.

After graduating, Cost founded Michael Cost Studios, where he honed his content creation, digital strategy, and marketing skills, working with countless brands and businesses to their digital objectives.


In 2020, he launched Mixali, a homeware design business that aims to create South African-inspired luxury products (homeware and artworks) that reflect his identity and heritage.

Coming from a long lineage of Greek and Cypriot refugees who have been in Africa for generations, Cost explores the concept of identity through his design work, bringing together his heritage, culture, and belonging. He is dedicated to turning creativity into profitable ventures and finding innovative solutions for any problem through design and art.

A Whale of a time (series), Mixed eWaste & Material
160 (d) x 90 (w) x 120 (h) mm - each

E-Whale (I)
Mixed eWaste & Material 400 (d) x 250 (w) x 120 (h) mm - No Box

E-Whale (II)
Mixed eWaste & Material 230 (d) x 160 (w) x 130 (h) mm - No Box

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