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Take Action: eWaste Management Strategies to Prevent Ocean Contamination | You Made This (#YMT)

eWaste management is a pressing global concern that demands immediate attention to safeguard our oceans. At #YMT, we are committed to raising awareness and engaging the public in combating this issue. eWaste, or electronic waste, encompasses a wide array of discarded electronic devices like computers, televisions, and mobile phones. The exponential growth of technology has led to a staggering surge in eWaste generation, reaching a staggering 54 million metric tons worldwide in 2019. Shockingly, this trend is projected to escalate by 30% by 2030.

You Made This (YMT) is a non-profit organization founded in response to the growing problem of eWaste

#YMT understands the importance of proper eWaste disposal to prevent grave risks, such as the release of hazardous chemicals into the environment and the havoc wreaked on aquatic organisms and human well-being. When eWaste contaminates surface waters, individuals relying on these sources for drinking, bathing, and recreation face serious threats. Furthermore, heavy metals present in eWaste can severely impact both surface and groundwater, rendering it undrinkable in extreme cases.

To prevent eWaste from polluting our oceans, effective eWaste management strategies must be implemented urgently. These strategies should focus on reducing eWaste generation and minimizing the release of hazardous chemicals into the environment. A pivotal approach is the promotion of responsible eWaste disposal practices through recycling programs and proper disposal sites. Additionally, fostering the development of safer and more sustainable technologies while reducing the life cycle of electronic devices holds great promise.

In addition to curbing eWaste generation, it is essential to raise awareness and educate the public about the detrimental impacts of eWaste on the environment. At #YMT, we actively engage in community outreach programs, public service announcements, and the creation of educational materials. Governments also play a pivotal role by enforcing regulations that mandate responsible eWaste disposal practices and incentivizing companies to adopt sustainable business models.

In conclusion, effective eWaste management is of paramount importance to safeguard our oceans, protect aquatic organisms, and preserve human health. By promoting responsible eWaste disposal practices, increasing awareness and education, and encouraging the development of safer technologies, we can actively combat the escalating threat of eWaste pollution in the ocean. Join #YMT at and be part of the energetic movement to tackle this global challenge head-on! Together, we can make a difference.


You Made This" (#YMT) is a pivotal initiative combatting the escalating issue of electronic waste (eWaste), a prominent global waste contributor. Through interactive art installations and experiences, #YMT intensifies awareness about eWaste's environmental damage and the imperative of its correct disposal. "You Made This" collaborates with artists and endorses a circular economy of refurbished electronics, urging corporations and individuals towards responsible eWaste management. A central goal of #YMT is to transform consumer behaviour to evade landfill eWaste build-up, advocating for a sustainable and greener future.


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