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Unveiling 'Drowning Planet': You Made This and Absa Collaborate!

YMT, our art-based initiative dedicated to raising public awareness and engagement around the critical issues of electronic waste (eWaste), has joined forces with Absa for the highly anticipated exhibition titled "Drowning Planet." This exhibition is going to be a game-changer, shining a spotlight on the urgent issue of electronic waste and its impact on our planet.

You Made This is an art based initiative centered on raising public awareness & engagement around the issues of electronic waste (eWaste).

"Drowning Planet" is not just any ordinary exhibition; it's an impactful and thought-provoking showcase that aims to shed light on the pressing issue of eWaste and its profound impact on climate change. We are all aware of how our beautiful planet is struggling to stay afloat amidst the rising tide of eWaste, and we believe it's high time for each of us to take responsibility for our role in this crisis.

Our mission at YMT has always been clear: we want to promote proper disposal of eWaste, which has now become the fastest-growing waste source worldwide. Our approach involves innovative art collaborations, advocating for a circular economy that encourages refurbishment and reuse of electronics to minimize waste and create a greener future for all.

The heart of the exhibition will be a captivating collection of artworks, each one crafted from discarded electronics. These masterpieces will serve as a powerful reminder of the devastating consequences of unchecked consumerism. By transforming eWaste into stunning pieces of art, we aim to inspire and educate the public about the importance of embracing a circular economy that reduces waste and promotes the repurposing of valuable resources.

This journey would not have been possible without our amazing partner, Xperien. Their unwavering commitment to sustainability and support for our mission have led to the creation of remarkable works of art from waste. Together, we are proving that eWaste can be more than just garbage; it can be a canvas for creativity and a symbol of change.

Our partnership with Xperien sets an example for the corporate world, showing how integrating corporate social responsibility (CSR) can create a positive impact on the environment. We hope our collaboration inspires others to join the movement and contribute to a sustainable future.

The scale of the eWaste problem demands collaborative efforts, and that's why we are taking this battle against eWaste to the next level. By turning eWaste into art, we not only address waste reduction but also amplify awareness in a captivating and inspiring way. The power of art can ignite conversations and drive positive change, and that's precisely what we intend to achieve with "Drowning Planet."

With an estimated 53.6 million metric tons of eWaste generated in 2020 alone, there's no denying the urgency of our mission. eWaste is not just an environmental issue; it's a threat to our planet's well-being. It contributes to climate change through harmful greenhouse gas emissions and pollutes our air, water, and soil with toxic chemicals.

We invite each one of you to join us at the "Drowning Planet" exhibition and witness the transformation of eWaste into captivating artworks. Let these pieces speak to your heart and make you reflect on your own consumption habits. Together, we can share our experiences on social media using the hashtag #DrowningPlanet, amplifying the message and raising further awareness about the importance of adopting a sustainable and responsible approach to electronics.

By supporting You Made This and attending the "Drowning Planet" exhibition, you not only appreciate art but also become an integral part of a vital movement aimed at protecting our environment and ensuring a healthy and thriving planet for future generations. Together, we can create a powerful wave of change and turn the tide against eWaste.

Are you as excited as we are? Head over to our website to learn more about "Drowning Planet," You Made This, and how you can make a difference.

Let's paint a brighter, greener, and sustainable future together!


You Made This is an art based initiative centred on raising public awareness & engagement around the issues of electronic waste. Through interactive art installations & experiences, #YMT intensifies awareness about eWaste's environmental damage & the imperative of its correct disposal. #YMT collaborates with artists & endorses a circular economy of refurbished electronics, urging corporations & individuals towards responsible eWaste management. #YouMadeThis #E-Waste #ewasteART #Art #E-wasteArt


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