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Addressing the Threat of eWaste on Air Quality | You Made This (YMT)

In today's technologically advanced world, electronic waste (eWaste) has become an escalating concern due to the widespread usage of electronic devices. This surge in eWaste has given rise to a range of hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, and cadmium, posing severe risks to air quality when not handled appropriately.

You Made This (YMT.) is an impact oriented art-led public engagement initiative. Our goal is to take important steps towards a sustainable future.

Understanding the perils that eWaste poses to air quality, You Made This (#YMT), a prominent brand specializing in eWaste art, is fervently committed to advocating sustainable practices within the electronics industry. It recognizes that improper management of eWaste, including illegal dumping and incineration, can result in the release of toxic substances into the atmosphere, causing detrimental effects on public health and the environment.

To confront the hazards of eWaste on air quality, #YMT actively supports the development and implementation of responsible e-waste management practices, such as recycling and proper disposal. By championing responsible eWaste management, the brand aims to minimize its impact on air quality, safeguard public health, and protect the environment.

Moreover, #YMT collaborates closely with local communities and governmental bodies to raise awareness about the eWaste predicament and promote sustainable practices. Through their innovative eWaste art creations, the company seeks to inspire individuals and organizations to adopt more sustainable approaches, thereby reducing their environmental footprint.

In conclusion, the improper handling of eWaste poses significant risks to air quality. Recognizing this issue, #YMT is dedicated to fostering responsible eWaste management and encouraging sustainable practices within the electronics industry. By doing so, #YMT strives to mitigate the impact of eWaste on air quality while safeguarding public health and the environment.


You Made This is an art based initiative centered on raising public awareness & engagement around the issues of electronic waste (eWaste). YMT promotes proper disposal of eWaste, the fastest-growing waste source. Through art collaborations, YMT encourages a circular economy of refurbished electronics. YMT's mission is to shift consumer habits, prevent landfill eWaste, and advocate for a greener future.


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