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Broom 2022, Artwork (sculpture)

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I have chosen to work with the broom and dustpan, mundane and domestic objects which are recognisable and common within our spaces. They are used to keep environments clean, such as interior spaces, rooftops, courtyards, streets, taxi ranks, parks and pavements to name a few.

This sculpture was made with electronic waste that was stripped and extracted from computer screens, computer motherboards, rack servers and various other materials such as copper wire found in electronic equipment. The interpretation of a metallic broom attempts to recreate a meaningful artifact that references the local and a natural nontoxic indigenous grass broom that is made from wooden stick and Ilala.

This iconic sculptural installation is intended to be a conscientising symbol that foreground matters around the use of electronic waste. The piece is metallic, shiny and chaotic, and this form of aestheticisation reflects on our contemporary world driven by innovation, science and technology.

The social impact of this sculptural monument, therefore, is centred around saving the planet as well as uplifting our social consciousness about the importance of disposing, recycling and restoring waste materials correctly.

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