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by David

"Toxicity" delves deep into the alarming issue faced by modern cities - the rampant and uncontrolled dumping of electronic waste. This issue, often overlooked, is gradually corroding the vitality and vibrancy of urban environments. With the continuous advancement of technology, cities are becoming the epicenters of eWaste accumulation. The consequences are not just visual blights in the form of discarded electronics littering streets and alleyways; the toxins leached from this waste seep into the soil, water, and air, threatening the very essence of urban living.

The collection of wall hangings in "Toxicity" poignantly captures this grim scenario. These pieces depict the expanding urban sprawl juxtaposed against the monotonous decay of inner-city spaces, serving as a visual narrative of the negative transformation cities undergo due to eWaste. The artwork stands as a stark reminder of how unchecked electronic waste is reshaping urban landscapes, not just physically, but in the profound impact it has on the health, well-being, and aesthetic appeal of city environments.

About Dave B.

Dave has worked is the architectural metalwork field for more than 30 years, with a focus on stainless steel and glass.

A keen interest in casting, laser cutting, bending and forming of metals gives Dave a wealth of knowledge which has been successfully used in many notable high-end construction projects across South Africa. Dave started Freerangeboy in 1997 to focus on artistic expression and diversification but is still actively involved in the construction industry as an architectural consultant specializing in aluminium, stainless steel and glass architectural metalwork design.

"My passion for many years has been the upcycling, restoring and repurposing of a wide range of items that would in all likelihood be scrapped or discarded.

"I have always felt and connected with the history of items, be it a furniture piece, vintage automotive part or light fitting."

I feel that every piece has heard a million stories and for me, there is massive value in preserving or repurposing an item to encapsulate a piece of their story.


My recent exposure to e-waste has been an amazing eye opener for me, not only for the amazing treasures in the form of potential art pieces, but also the awareness around the global issue of e-waste, responsible collection and recycling and the sheer volumes the human race is burdening the already severely damaged planet with. I sincerely hope that my pieces evoke some emotion from the viewer and that they take away an awareness around their own individual e-waste disposal routines."

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