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Silicon Swarm is a series of sculptural masks created by artist Francois Knoetze, in which he
meticulously transforms electronic waste into insect-like creatures. The masks depict various species
of insects such as the dung beetle, tsetse fly, and praying mantis. At the core of Knoetze's work is a
deep exploration of technology and its relationship to humans and nature. Through the process of
upcycling electronic waste into sculptural forms, the artist highlights the excessive consumerism and
waste produced by the technological age. Knoetze's work invites us to consider the ecological impact of our rapidly advancing technological world and to reflect on the sustainability of our consumption habits.


Artwork Size:

  • 580 x 580 x 420(h) mm


Artwork Weight:

  • 5 kgs (kilograms)


Collection No.:

  • YMT016

Junk Beetle (Silicon Swarm Series)

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