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The artwork is a two-part sculpture of an eWaste whale and melted metal-based electronic waste products. The juxtaposition of the grounded eWaste and the melted metal-based electronic waste products on the sculpture represents the negative impact of eWaste on the environment and marine life. The whale symbolizes the beauty and fragility of nature, while the eWaste represents the negative effects of technological advancement and human consumption. The combination of the two materials highlights the contradiction between the two and the need for sustainability in the production and disposal of electronic devices. The whale is made of a combination of grounded eWaste with traditional sculpting materials, mineral chrystal powder and water-based acrylic, to create a sustainable sculpture. The melted metal materials are made from isolating and melting copper and aluminium products and pouring these over the whale sculpture. The melted metal creates a thin fragile layer over the sculpture and is held together by the copper wire cage that is wrapped around the whale. The copper wire cage wrapped around the whale symbolizes the entanglement and entrapment of marine life by pollution. The pouring of the metals on the sculpture makes a water like effect that creates a sea water like effect. Due to the metals not being pure and having other eWasteresidues, parts and resins, these residues and elements are visible and give the metal an almost oil-spill effect. This is symbolic again of oil and chemical pollution in our oceans. 


Artwork Size:

  • 400 (d) x 250 (w) x 120 (h) mm - No Box


Artwork Weight:

  • 5 kgs (kilograms)


Collection No.:

  • YMT013

E-Whale (I)

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