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From Plumbing to Sculpture: The Creative Journey of Dave Braithwaite | You Made This (#YMT)

Artist Dave Braithwaite in his workshop, surrounded by metal sculptures and tools, showcasing his passion for upcycling and recycling materials.
Dave Braithwaite, a talented artist and architectural metalworker, transforms upcycled and recycled materials into stunning & functional sculptures.

As I sit down with Dave Braithwaite, I am struck by his humble demeanour and passion for his art. He tells me about his background, starting as an apprentice plumber and later attending technical college where he developed his love for drawing. His artistic talent has always been a part of him, he explains, as he has worked with his hands from early childhood.

Dave has been working in the architectural metalwork industry for over 30 years, which has exposed him to many tremendous designs and forms as well as many of South Africa’s leading creative minds. He has worked with metal in various forms from casting, forging, laser cutting, profiling, bending, rolling and welding, but it is his art and creative pieces that are complimentary to his daily work life but will ultimately be his permanent career.

When it comes to his creative process, Dave keeps it quite simple. He is always in tune with his environment, constantly taking in visual stimuli, sounds, and conversations which he files away in his mind. He has a wealth of information stored up that he draws on for ideas and inspiration for his pieces. In his workshop, he only uses basic tools, paying homage to early artists who could only use imagination and basic tools, forcing inventiveness and creativity to complete a project.

Dave’s greatest career achievements so far are every time he receives feedback on a piece and hears that someone loves it, and when a piece sells. But he also takes pride in the volume of upcycling and recycling he has managed through his art, lighting, and furniture pieces.

As we talk about the challenges he has faced as an artist, Dave admits that the biggest challenge is acknowledging and accepting that his work is excellent. He believes all creatives are never 100% satisfied with their work and are always driven to improve. But he positively channels this energy, allowing it to fuel his creative process.

Dave advises aspiring artists who are just starting out to work hard at believing in their talent and skill. He encourages them to have faith in the creative process and not give up. As a perfectionist by nature, he suggests focusing on the piece at hand and finding ways to clear your mind and be 100% focused on it. He also recommends getting to know yourself and then listening to your inner voice. Visualize the completed piece in your mind, change it as necessary, but keep that image at the forefront of your thoughts.

Dave Braithwaite is an artist with a unique perspective and a passion for upcycling and recycling materials to create sculptures. His creative process is inspired by his environment, and he draws on his extensive knowledge and experience in the architectural metalwork industry to create pieces that are both beautiful and functional. He is a testament to the power of faith in the creative process, hard work, and persistence.

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